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Welcome to Corporate Business Rescue. We are a company specialising in providing business rescue services. We provide these services to avoid company liquidation to companies in financial distress.

We aim to help financially unstable companies through the business rescue process. We are professional providers of business rescue in South Africa. Through this process, we set our clients on a path towards solvency. Our aim is for each of our clients to keep the doors of their businesses open and trading on a stable basis.

We offer a wide range of business rescue services to companies. Specifically, to those who are facing the possibility of business liquidation. Our primary aim is to aid local businesses through the business rescue process. We are specialists in business rescue in South Africa, offering such services as:

  • A comprehensive rescue plan. This includes fundamental business changes, as needed. This plays a crucial role in the business rescue process.
  • The handling of necessary legal proceedings while the company is in financial distress. Business rescue can be complex and should follow the letter of the law. We are well versed in this process. We also ensure that all proceedings follow correct legal standards.
  • Turn-around and restructuring policies aimed at debt settlement and stable, long term operations. These policies will help your company both short and long term.
  • Tax settlement with SARS as needed.

What is the Business Rescue Process?

Through Business rescue services, we aim to rehabilitate struggling businesses. We do this to help prevent company liquidation. Business rescue in South Africa must follow the regulations set by the Companies Act. Thanks to these regulations, business rescue services can help you through this process. Some of these services include:

  • Providing temporary supervision and management over the company in financial distress. This will help prevent otherwise inevitable company liquidation.
  • Creating and implementing an effective business plan to restructure the company. This restructure will ensure that the company continues to run efficiently.
  • A temporary stay on the rights of claimants against the company and its assets. This helps to protect your company through the business rescue proceedings.

Financial Instability and Business Rescue in South Africa

It is a harsh reality that many businesses in South Africa suffer from financial instability. What’s more, these same companies possibly face company liquidation. In this economic climate, business rescue in South Africa is a service many companies turn to. Corporate Business Rescue offer business rescue services to fill an ever-increasing need.

Our primary goal is to guide our clients through the business rescue process. We aim for each company to realise their potential for rehabilitation. Through restructuring, turnaround, and more, we allow for the successful conducting of business. Our team of experts are the best in their field. Our team devotes itself to aiding and guiding struggling companies. Through our expertise, we lead them towards success and stability. With our knowledge and expertise, we remove the threat of insolvency. Our aims are much the same when it comes to potential company liquidation.

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As a pioneer in business rescue services, Corporate Business Rescue creates and implements strategic and effective business rescue plans that lead companies towards triumph through troublesome times.



  • A Comprehensive Business Rescue Plan
  • Saving Businesses & Companies Facing Insolvency and Business Liquidation


Our devoted approach to resolving company rescue concerns and ensuring business rescue compliance has enabled our varied clientele to move forward through troublesome economic times.



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